Liberia Loses Voting Right At AU


President George Weah-led Liberia has lost its voting right at the African Union (AU) and has consequently attained an observer status.

The country is also owing the Union some $1.6 million.

Liberia is one of Africa’s most impoverish nations and is battling leadership crisis and alleged widespread corruption.

The President Weah-led CDC administration has largely been considered incompetent.

Liberia was a founding member of Organization for African Unity (OAU) which metamorphosed into AU.

Reports say over the last, the West African nation has struggled in
meeting up with every single report to be submitted to the AU.

Accordingly, The reports are the core responsibilities of being a member country.

Some of the reports either come in later or never do, with key diplomats at the AU headquarters reportedly bothered about the ministry of foreign affairs in Liberia and the Minister not understanding the core function of international diplomacy, starting with the African Union.

The AU is composed of 55 countries and Liberia was one of the most important members.

An observer status is a privilege granted by some organizations to non-members to give them an ability to participate in the organization’s activities.

Observers generally have a limited ability to participate in the IGO, lacking the ability to vote or propose resolutions. It is with these in mind that Liberia must return as quickly as possible to the full membership statues of the African Union for the good of the nation her people and humanity.

By Melvin Tarlue


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