Effective communication of your manifesto will make a difference


A communications expert and lecturer at the University for Development Studies is admonishing political parties to segment their audience when communicating their policies and promises in the language electorates understand.

Dr Eliasu Mumuni speaking in an interview with Blessed Dadzie on Kesmi Morning indicated that the electorates are of different socio-economic and educational background therefor the need for the political parties to also engage in door-to-door campaigns and town hall meetings.

He said in a participatory democracy, effective communication should go beyond putting political party manifestos and make it accessible to the elites but also target the communities or grassroots level.

Dr Mumuni is urging political parties to continue to train their party enthusiasts who would want to communicate on behalf of their parties to effectively articulate party policies and promises.  He said “political parties should train their communicators how to speak and observe the basic communication etiquettes, the normal professional way of giving out the message and the expected feedback. Political parties have not had the time and chance to really break down these messages (manifesto promises) to the level of political party communicators”.    


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