FDA intensifies inspections to prevent the sale of expired products


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) says it has dispatched a team to conduct an inspection at the various supermarkets and other markets centres to prevent the sale of expired products to unsuspecting consumers.

According to the FDA, the inspection has become necessary due to the activities of unscrupulous persons selling an unwholesome product to Ghanaians at reduced prices during this festive period.

Speaking to Citi News, Head of food industrial support services department of the FDA, Kofi Essel, cautioned the public, especially consumers of canned and frozen foods to be on the lookout for expired products on the markets and in shelves of supermarkets.

“One of the strategies is to reduce the prices of products to attract consumers. Unfortunately, we also have unscrupulous business persons who will take advantage of this genuine marketing strategy to also sell unwholesome expired products to unsuspecting consumers,” he said.

Mr. Essel advised buyers saying: “when you go out there and you are buying any goods, don’t rush. Take your time.”

“If you see any price difference and it is extremely too good to be true then you have to be very careful,” he added.

The FDA has also cautioned the public to rigorously examine products being sold at ridiculously low prices before buying them.


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