We’re ready for COVID-19 testing after schools’ reopening – Medical Laboratory Scientists


The Ghana Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists (GAMLS) says it is prepared to assist in the management of COVID-19 cases following the resumption of schools from their Coronavirus-induced break.

The group maintains that its 18 testing facilities across the country, other assisting centres, as well as the private institutions, are equipped to test samples due to reopening of schools.

In a statement, GAMLS assured Ghanaians of the ability of COVID-19 testing laboratories to test and produce results within 48 hours should there be the need to respond to crises that may arise because of the reopening of schools.

It added that there are enough COVID-19 testing kits in the Country for use and this in the meantime can support testing for any anticipated rise in case numbers.


Meanwhile, the laboratory scientists want the government to among other things to ensure that all regional hospitals have effective and efficient COVID-19 testing centres running.

Also, they are asking the government to initiate steps to procure and supply adequate PPE looking at the time required to receive ordered supplies to avert shortages when needed.

“To quickly correct all anomalies with respect to the payment of COVID-19 insurance to all medical laboratory professionals who qualify, the unpaid allowance to contact tracers and 50% allowance to frontline personnel. We need not allow the protraction of such issues to water down the gains made in fighting the pandemic. Full commitment of medical laboratory professionals and all health workers is needed more than before”, the statement added.


The association further urged school authorities and students to respect the COVID-19 protocols warning that “relaxing on our responsibilities is a recipe for disaster.”

It also advised that while Ghana is currently planning to get COVID-19 vaccines for use, effective control methods such as the use of face mask, washing of hands with soap under running water, use of alcohol-based sanitiser, and social distancing should not be compromised.

“GAMLS assures the government and the public of its commitment in fighting the pandemic”, it concluded.

Schools in the country were closed since March 15, 2020, as part of the government’s measures to curtail the spread of the COVID-19.

But after nine months of closure due to COVID-19, President Akufo-Addo in his 21st address announced the opening of schools for basic schools on 15th January.

Some parents have however expressed anxiety over the possible spread of the virus in the school as Ghana’s cases increase.

There are assurances from stakeholders that there are adequate measures put in place to ensure that basic schools operate under safe teaching and learning conditions after their official reopening on Monday, January 18, 2021.


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