COVID-19: Ghana records seven new deaths as active cases jump to 4,665


Ghana has recorded seven new COVID-19 deaths. This has pushed the death toll to 405.

This was captured on the Ghana Health Service’s COVID-19 dashboard on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

According to the Ghana Health Service, 797 new infections have been recorded pushing the active case count to 4,665.

457 persons have also recovered from the disease.

Currently, Ghana has 125 and 44 persons in severe and critical conditions respectively.

A total of 766,932 tests have been conducted since the outbreak.

Ban public gatherings or we put down our tools

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has on several occasions called on the government to place a ban on all social gatherings.

According to the Association, that will help in the containment of the spread of the virus.

General Secretary of the Association, Dr. Justice Yankson said if government fails to adhere to their advice and things get out of hand, they will put down their tools.

He stressed that already the health facilities are “on their knees”.

“The issue is very simple, and we can only advise, and we can only advocate. The worst-case scenario is that we put our tools down but that might not be the solution for this pandemic because we don’t control the public purse, we don’t control the executive power. So we keep advising government.  Mind you, there are first-line government advisors, and we do our best to interact with them collectively as a group, but the ultimate sanctioning of a particular activity has to come from the president.”

“So inasmuch as that we’ve made the case, the best we can do is to continue to advocate that these social gatherings are banned and if the powers do not really act in that direction, the worst case is that we will also put down our tools because we are also tired.”


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