Supreme Court affirms decision to quash injunction on gazetting of Amewu as MP


The Supreme Court has unanimously dismissed an application for a review of its decision on the injunction granted by a High Court in Ho stopping the gazetting of John Peter Amewu as the Member of Parliament for Hohoe in the Volta Region.

A 7-member panel of the Supreme Court on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, affirmed the apex court’s earlier decision to quash the injunction.

In its earlier judgment rendered by a 5-member panel, the court quashed an injunction granted by the High Court sitting in Ho against the gazetting of John Peter Amewu.

The court had reasoned that Mr. Amewu although a beneficiary, had not caused or contributed to the denial of their right to vote as had been argued.

The Supreme Court today [Tuesday] however denied the SALL residents an application for the appeal they filed for the decision.

The court’s reasons for the judgment will however be disclosed later


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