Forestry Commission commends “The Green Republic Project”


The Northern Regional Manager for the Forestry Commission of Ghana Mr. Bernard Tabil has eulogized the Green republic project for contributing to Ghana’s forest reserve in the region by planting over 3,500 trees at Yong in the northern region.

The Green Republic Project last weekend planted over 3,500 trees (seedlings) as part of the 10,000 trees to be planted in two northern communities in July to help combat climate change and its deadly effects on humans and the environment.

The tree planting project brought together students from some selected Senior High schools in the region, workers from the forestry commission, youth groups, and opinion leaders to engage in the exercise.

Mr. Bernard Tabil ( in yellow cap) advising some students on the need to plant trees.

Mr. Tabil explained that the initiative by the green republic project is worth commending and emulating by every Ghanaian especially the youth.

“What green republic project has done, we have to all applaud them and imitate their good initiative” Mr. Tabil said.

He said “I want to use this medium to thank them for their contribution towards the forest reserve of our country Ghana and however call on corporate Ghana and all benevolent individuals both in Ghana and abroad to support the green republic project”

He further called on all Ghanaians to avoid deforestation but rather, practice afforestation as a means of preserving their own lives.

‘We are told that, the day the last tree dies, the last man too dies, and so for us to all live a longer and healthier lives, we need to plant more trees to get better oxygen to breath”

Mr. Tabil advocated.

The Forestry Commission of Ghana is responsible for the regulation of utilization of forest and wildlife resources, the conservation and management of those resources and the coordination of policies related to them.

The Commission embodies the various public bodies and agencies that were individually implementing the functions of protection, management, the regulation of forest and wildlife resources. These agencies currently form the divisions of the Commission.

N/R forestry manager (in cap) having a discussion with the Convener of the Green republic project Mr. Yaw Osei Darkwa(middle)

The aim is to be a corporate body of excellence in the sustainable development management and utilization of Ghana’s forest and wildlife resources meeting both national and global standards for forest and wildlife resource conservation and development.

In a related development, the regional manager has asked any individual or group who has the desire to plant trees to endeavor to come to their office for seedlings, technical advice and other support needed to execute the project.

According to the UN Sustainable Goal 13, Climate change presents the single biggest threat to development and its extraordinary effects unduly burden the poorest and the most vulnerable in the world and calls for measures to combat it.

It is in view of this that the Green Republic Project has set the agenda of making Ghana green again by planting over 20 million trees by the year 2028.

By Prince Kwame Tamakloe – Kesmi Fm


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